What Dental Issues Can Be Corrected with Six Month Smiles®?

By: Dr. Jacob Sheppard


Everyone deserves to have a beautiful, straight smile they can feel confident about. For adults who never underwent orthodontic treatment during childhood, or for those whose teeth may have shifted later in life, Six Month Smiles offers an exciting alternative to traditional metal braces for straightening teeth faster than ever. At Sycamore Family Dentistry in Midlothian, VA, Dr. Jacob Sheppard is proud to help patients aged 16 and up get the smile of their dreams in just a matter of months with Six Month Smiles clear braces and aligners. Keep reading to learn more about what types of dental concerns can be addressed with Six Month Smiles, how treatment works, and if you may qualify for this cutting-edge orthodontic solution.

What are Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles (also referred to as Six Month Braces) is a revolutionary approach to straightening teeth that utilizes either clear aligner trays or clear braces to straighten the teeth in an average of just six months. Some of the benefits of Six Month Smiles vs. traditional metal braces include:

  • Less noticeable
  • More comfortable
  • Quicker treatment
  • Fewer appointments/adjustments needed
  • More affordable
  • More convenient

Without a doubt, one of the most compelling benefits of Six Month Braces vs. metal braces is the length of treatment – with traditional braces often taking up to two years to produce the same results that can be achieved with Six Month Smiles in an average of six months. In fact, some Six Month Smiles patients only require about four months of treatment!

Am I a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Patients considering Six Month Smiles should be at least 16 years of age with good oral and dental health. During your initial consultation for Six Month Smiles in Midlothian, VA, Dr. Sheppard will thoroughly evaluate your teeth, discuss your concerns and goals, and determine whether clear braces or aligners may be appropriate for you.

What can Six Month Smiles treat?

While more severe or extensive orthodontic issues may require treatment with traditional metal braces, expanders, and other procedures, most patients with mild to moderate concerns can be effectively treated with Six Month Smiles. These include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Extra space between teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Crowded teeth

Can Six Month Smiles fix an overbite?

In some cases, Six Month Braces may be recommended to address overbites, underbites, and other dental concerns. Patients with an overbite or underbite may require treatment for up to nine months to correct these issues.

Will I have to wear a retainer after Six Month Braces?

Yes. Just like traditional metal braces and other orthodontic treatments, the results of Six Month Smiles can be maintained by wearing a retainer following treatment. Patients who do not wear their retainer as directed can experience shifting of their teeth and, in some cases, a reversal of their results. At the conclusion of your treatment, Dr. Sheppard will discuss proper aftercare instructions to ensure you can enjoy your straight, stunning new smile for decades to come.

Looking for a fast fix for crooked teeth? Consider Six Month Braces in Midlothian, VA

Whether you have an important occasion coming up or you simply don’t want to spend two years wearing braces, you may be a candidate for Six Month Smiles. Find out more about this breakthrough orthodontic treatment option by calling Sycamore Family Dentistry to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Midlothian, VA dentist Dr. Jacob Sheppard today.

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